Benefits of using TFN

All diesel transactions are validated and authorised at service points using the vehicle registration number, TFN ID card and transporter fuel order rules prior to refuelling.

Decide where, when and how much the driver can refuel, where the truck can stay overnight and more, all done through the TFN Management System – no faxes or cash required!

Access transaction information immediately through real-time processing.

Management reports can be generated by vehicle and supplier site and for any period of time. Transaction SMS or email notifications are available immediately upon completion of a transaction.

Record your home-base refuelling in the TFN system to give you one home-base/on-road reporting and management system.

Cross-border refuelling using the same system and functionality, and paying from your ZAR account.

One account that manages diesel refuelling, secure overnight sleeping, truck washes, etc.

A simple and user friendly customer dashboard functionality.

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