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Benefits of using the TFN system

How TFN saves you money –
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  • All diesel transactions are validated and authorised at service points using the vehicle registration number, TFN ID card and transporter fuel order rules prior
    to refuelling.
  • Decide where, when and how much the driver can refuel, where the truck can stay overnight and more, all done through the TFN Management System – no faxes or cash required!
  • Real-time processing – access transaction information immediately.
  • Management reports can be generated by vehicle and supplier site for any length
    of time. SMS or email notifications are available immediately upon completion of
    a transaction.
  • Record your home-base refuelling in the TFN system to give you a single
    home-base/on-road reporting and management system.
  • Get cross-border refuelling using the same system – and pay for it from your
    ZAR account.
  • One account that manages diesel refuelling, secure overnight sleeping, truck washes, etc.
  • A simple and user-friendly customer dashboard.