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A positive contribution to community and country

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One of TFN's business objectives is to make a positive and long-lasting contribution to the country and our community through various initiatives, either in partnership with credible organisations or in-house. We consider these initiatives equally as important as the business itself and making a difference in the lives of the under-privileged has become a key focus of TFN.

Luthemba Lethu

Luthemba Lethu service the community through outreach and rehabilitation programs in the prison, schools, community and police. Destiny House is a farm for prison inmates to prepare them for the workplace after prison.

Problem children in schools are invited to weekend camps where the love of God, respect for yourself and a vision for the future are ministered to them. Upliftment of the community, rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics and identifying of criminal elements to the police in Kempton Park city center change the lives of people and make the city center a safer place!

All Lethumba programs are based on the Word of God and Christian principles served in love to the people and for the Glory of God!

TFN Fuel for the Day

Truck drivers are on the road for long periods
and need spiritual and personal encouragement
and motivation. Fuel for the Day is a daily motivational booklet aimed at and distributed among truck drivers.

The booklet is based on the Word of God and Christian principles of love, respect, excellence and faith. To date we have distributed over 53,000 booklets with reports of life-changing testimonies.

The Well

The Well was birthed out of an opportunity to serve people on a spiritual level. The main purpose of The Well is to reach and touch the lives of many people.

Part of its purpose is the desire to be able to reach people on a physical level, in partnership with various stakeholders, especially in the transport sector.

We endeavor to partner with those sharing a similar mindset. Our ultimate goal is to serve those in dire need and to give back to society.

Learner Support

We are a financial sponsor for a local primary school to provide food parcels for children coming to school without a lunchbox or parents who cannot afford to give their children food for the day.


MES is a national organisation that provides food, shelter and clothes to the less fortunate. TFN contributes financially to the activities of MES in the city center of Kempton Park. View for more information on MES activities and work.