TFN deals with commercial retailers not engaged in oil company franchise agreements. These retailers buy diesel through wholesalers at more competitve prices than franchised retailers who are supplied by oil companies under their franchise agreements.

Our volumes provide us with the bargaining power to demand the best price for our customers.
All customer deposits are paid into the TFN Customer Trust bank accounts. The trust accounts are audited monthly by external auditors for verification and accounting of customer funds.

We have 650+ customers – references are available on request.
Our service providers are all reputable and credible retailers with a good history. All their diesel stock is supplied from local oil companies.
TFN is not a fuel retailer, but a service provider. As such, we do not sell fuel to our customers, but manage the fuel transactions and payment on behalf of our customers – payment is either by means of a pre-paid deposit account or your own bank fleet card.
TFN is neither a retailer nor a merchant — we deliver a service to customers and as such cannot provide account terms. TFN will require a banking or financial service provider license to offer credit terms to customers.
As in the case of all retailers and fuel management systems, we cannot provide any guarantee.

However, TFN is the ONLY service provider in the market that provides its customers with a real-time diesel management system as a tool to monitor and identify fraudulent transactions
Complete the TruckFuelNet Application Form and select the Fuel Management Service you require (from as little as R157 per month for a fleet of 1-5 vehicles).

A TFN ID card for each vehicle is printed at a cost of R110 per card and couriered to you on receipt of payment.

The Management Account Fee includes the option to place online orders for your vehicles, thereby taking full control of where and for how many litres they are authorised to refuel.

SMS and email diesel purchase transaction notifications and fuel consumption monitoring are optional.
We have fully trained 24-hour Call Centre operational staff who offer a back-up service to both our customers and our suppliers.

The standby cell phone numbers are: 011 394 4199 or 071 439 0405

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