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On-road Refuel Management – true convenience in real-time refuelling

Introducing the TFN On-road Refuel Management software program, the most comprehensive real-time, on-road refuelling management solution in the market!

  • Manage and authorise – in real-time – where, when, who and how much a truck can refuel from the convenience of your computer or customer app.
  • Includes immediate reporting on all transactions.
  • Fixed monthly fee based on your fleet size.

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Control Management

The TFN system is the only real-time diesel supply and management platform available in Southern Africa. Operators can now manage WHERE, WHEN and HOW MUCH fuel a vehicle receives on an immediate, real-time basis. Furthermore, the transaction information and reporting is electronically available immediately after the refuelling has occurred, via email or SMS. Access to the full management system and comprehensive real-time reporting is possible through any web-enabled communication device at any time, wherever you are. There are essentially two levels of control that can be exercised through the TFN system namely:

Basic Account

The Basic Account grants access to TFN’s system to view live transactions as well as check balances and generate statements. Diesel transactions will take place through our Virtual card on a show-and-go basis.

Management Account

The TFN Management Account gives access to all basic account functionalities including online orders for all diesel transactions. This account gives you the ability to micro-manage your refuelling.

One of the pre-authorisation options is the TFN Virtual card, that is free to download. The other option is an authorisation code sent via SMS to the driver’s cell phone, which removes the need for a card. Please note, this option is only available to the Management Account holders. TFN has a HelpDesk that is available 24/7 to assist with any issues you may experience.