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Redefining on-road refuelling – in real-time

How TFN saves you money –
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To be competitive as a commercial trucking owner/operator, you need to constantly look for the best fuel price, on top of managing and administering driver spend. All this takes a great deal of time and energy and above all – money!

Now imagine a REAL-TIME solution to help manage your on-road spending. Refuel at the best price and manage your driver spend – all in one solution! Our solution will save you money and make your life easier.

When used in conjunction with our other products – Refuel2Save, Road Wallet and TFN Credit in partnership with Standard Bank – you have a complete solution for all your refuelling needs.

How it works

TFN offers a cloud-based, real-time software solution to manage all your on-road refuelling needs.

Functionality includes:

  • Schedule refuelling orders; SMS orders for quick refuelling; select suppliers with best zones and prices where your trucks can refuel; set the rules for refuelling; authorise refuelling from your mobile app; view refuelling transactions and account balances from your mobile app.
  • Immediate real-time transaction reporting on all transactions.
  • Detailed account and transaction reporting on all transactions per supply site, truck and driver.
  • Comprehensive functionality to administer and manage sub-contractor refuelling, account status and credit limits.
  • Homebase refuelling management and processing integrated with on-road refuelling.
  • Add trucks, authorise transactions and manage truck refuelling rules from the comfort of your customer dashboard.
  • 24/7 Call Centre to assist with any refuelling query or customer service.

To get all these features, you pay a monthly access fee based on your fleet size.