TFN Service Offering

1. Designed for long-haul transport operators
Manage, record and report on truck refuelling in real time with a large network of supply sites that offer overnight accommodation, sanitary and food facilities.

2. Comprehensive supplier network throughout Southern Africa
Ideally located to suit tank capacity reach distances and best pricing grid zones, the TFN supplier network currently comprises 92 sites located on all the major roads in South Africa and cross border countries.

3. One solution for local and cross border
Use one central account for all refuelling that simplifies cross-border refuelling by paying in ZAR at the published price, like a local purchase – all foreign currency payments are handled and managed by TFN

4. Best on-road price in the market
Unlike oil majors, TFN does not charge the customer a 27c-29c p/l handling and service charge on top of the supply price.

5. Real-time transaction and management system
Comprehensive refuelling Transaction details are available for customer review on the TFN management system within one minute including: date, time, litres, ODO, vehicle registration, location SMS. Email notifications are also provided and available on refuelling transactions.

6. Online fuel ordering
Determine WHEN, WHERE and HOW much a truck can refuel. The order can be amended/changed prior to refuelling on the TFN management system. Includes SMS fuel orders to sub-contractors or third party trucks.

7. Specialised refuelling management services
Farming, mining and forestry industries benefit from specialised diesel refuelling management and diesel rebate claims by managing all on-road diesel for contractors transporting produce or products to market.

8. 24x7 Call Centre service
TFN operates a 24x7 call centre operation to manage offline situations at supply sites which results in manual authorisation and processing. Operators are trained and authorised to deal with almost any account query and are not merely "message takers".

9. Cheapest solution and service in the market
Our fee structure comprises a once-off card fee of R110 per card (with no expiry date) and a monthly service charge. There are no transaction fees or other monthly/annual charges.

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