Management Software

1. Most advanced
The TFN management system is built on the latest and most advanced software technology, uses internet based communication and operates completely on an online authorisation and processing basis.

2. Rich in functionality
Customers are provided with a comprehensive list of management reporting on transactions and activities. Fuel ordering allows customers to manage refuelling to minimise fuel theft and shrinkage. SMS and email notifications help customers to manage their account and fleet on the fly.

3. Integrated home-base and on-road solution
Fully integrated recording and processing of home-base transactions either through installing the TFN POS computer with internet connection, or to process transactions direct in the system.

4. Stock management
Record and manage home-base stock delivery and dispensing including the recording of pump and dipstick readings, recording of litres dispensed and replenishment of stock for stock control purposes.

5. Easy to use
The functionality available to the user is configured in a dashboard structure; i.e., the user only has access to the functionality applicable to him.

It takes a maximum of 15 minutes to train the user in using the system via telephone and the dashboard comprises of general account details, transaction details, reporting functions, system functions, news, fuel prices and supplier details.

6. Customer customisation
The software has a configurable API for integration with 3rd party business systems and the entire software is developed and maintained in-house, providing customised reports on request to customers delivered in a very short turn-around time.

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